Business Tools and Resources

Here is a list of business tools that I currently use or have used in the past in my entrepreneurial journey.

recommended business tools and resources


 Bluehost made the process of setting up my site easy.  With their one-click WordPress blog installation, I was able to build my website in a breeze. Their plans are affordable, and they offer fantastic customer service.  I highly recommend Bluehost to anyone starting their site or blog.

recommended business tools and resources

Free. Easy. Functional. Accessible.  I recommend the WordPress platform to anyone starting their site or blog. You can either download WordPress and install it on your own or you can take advantage of Bluehost’s one-click install option.


Pro Photo

 If you are a photographer and is looking to build your website, then Pro Photo WordPress themes might be best for you.  I used Pro Photo when I was still doing wedding photography, and I loved it.  It was easy to setup and use.  I have zero coding knowledge, but I was able to setup my website easily with Pro Photo.  If you decide to buy a Pro Photo theme, enter code RFRA5488 so you can get a $10 off in you purchase or you can click the Pro Photo logo above and the discount code will be automatically applied to your purchase.



ThemeForest is also a great source to look for a WordPress theme for your site.  They have numerous themes available in their sight, and all of the prices are reasonable.  As a matter of fact, the current theme that I am using right now for this website is from ThemeForest.


*** These are tools that I currently used or have utilized in the past.  I recommend them because they are very useful and helpful to me.  Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I earn a commission.  Please feel free not to spend any money on these products unless you feel it is necessary for achieving your goals.